Ryan Parmer - Audio Engineer

    Ryan Parmer is the audio engineer at Studio Phasen. He has been working with music in some capacity for the past 15 years.

    Initially a producer and label manager himself, Ryan dealt with quite a few mastering services over the years and did not always have a wonderful experience. Sometimes it would take weeks to get the masters back. Sometimes the costs were unbelievable. Other times, the music he had spent months working on got squashed carelessly into a limiter and distorted.

    Studio Phasen was born as a result of these experiences. Here, we aim to deliver not only top-quality results, but also top-quality service. That's why we offer unlimited free revisions, free file hosting, next-day turnaround times, amazing communication, and reasonable pricing. Our clients don't pay us a dime until they are 100% satisfied with the sound of their audio. A genuine passion for audio and service is at the heart of everything we do. 

    Ryan has released music under the alias Phasen since 2006, while also producing music for television and the big screen. His own productions have been released on legendary house music labels TRAX Records, I! Records, and literally hundreds more.  He lives in Florida where he operates Studio Phasen full time. In addition to mastering and mixing, the studio builds and sells high-quality sample packs for music makers, Studio Sample Selects.