Out now: Studio Sample Selects 001: Analog Kicks Vol. 1

Our Sample Boutique is Now Open!


     I am pleased to announce the opening of studio's own sample boutique, Studio Sample Selects. Our first release is now live with a special introductory price of just $3. The pack features 108 kick drum samples delivered as 24 bit, 88.2 kHz .WAV files for optimal quality. Each sample has been carefully trimmed and gated to minimize the popping artifacts present in many kick samples on the market today. Rather than just record raw kicks, we treated them with analog compression, equalization, and other effects in addition to recording them with various mic preamps.

     About half the sounds come from analog drum machines, while the other half originate from vintage PCM romplers such as the E-MU Orbit v1, Roland JV series, and Korg M3. Each sound was first sent to one of our customized and heavily modified preamps (we used some solid state preamps, tube preamps, combo preamps, vintage, new, you name it!) to get the sounds up to line level, and then processed them through analog compressors, EQs, gates, or other effects including our Revive Audio Modified Orban 621B EQ (so punchy!), our home modified Ashly SC-52 Blackface (amazing on kicks!), our Revive Audio Modified DBX 118 (a DBX 160VU without the VU meters or balanced outputs), our customized SSL style VCA compressor, a few opto compressors such as our modded FMR RNLA, and so on. All of these pieces in our studio have been modified to have premium, low tolerance parts for utmost fidelity. We exclusively use new old stock and hard to find Mullard tubes, low-ESR capacitors, and components from high-end manufacturers like Panasonic, Vishay, Burr Brown, National Semiconductor, plus transformers from Peerless, Carnhill, and Cinemag. I have squeezed every last bit of performance, bandwidth, and musicality from each unit in our chain. Finally, a good number of the kicks were then put in vintage samplers such as the Akai MPC2000XL and Akai S1000 to be bit-reduced and pitched around in order to capture the unique crunchy artifacts and aliasing these samplers create.

    The result are kick drums ranging from extremely punchy and rude, to soft, wooly, and warm. These kicks can also be used to make sub basses, pitched toms, or just be the foundation for your track they're intended to be.

     We are looking to hear your feedback about our first release as we begin finalizing our upcoming releases. We've got chords, pads, one hits, toms, claps, and hi-hats on the way! Send us a message to let us know what you'd like to see next!