How to Prepare Your Files

If you are submitting files for mixing or mastering, please make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure no limiting, compression, or unnecessary effects are on the master channel.
  • Ensure that your mix and all channels are not clipping.
  • Leave about -6dB of headroom in your premaster.
  • Do not apply dithering.
  • Send .WAV, .AIFF, or other lossless format files at a bit depth of 24 bits and a sample rate of 88.2kHz or higher if possible.
  • Send your files using a free service like Dropbox or WeTransfer.
  • Label your files appropriately so that we can return your files labeled fully.
  • Only once you are sure you are done with your premasters/stems, contact us via the site or email us at

***PLEASE - ensure you are finished with your stems or premasters PRIOR to submitting your files. We typically work on files as soon as they are received. Starting over with a new premaster takes a lot of time as we always record out through analog gear. A separate fee WILL be charged up front for unrequested, updated premasters with absolutely no exceptions***